Jeff Schomberg

Artist Statement -- About Jeff Schomberg

Jeff Schomberg uses steel, stainless steel and aluminum to craft his, or clients ideas into sculptures that are inspiration, impactful and engaging.

The Monumental Word Series, is embraced worldwide. XO was selected as part of the Renwick Gallery (Smithsonian) Burning Man exhibition. Municipalities have installed words to capture their city’s essence. The City of Reno purchased BELIEVE as a tribute to the city’s revitalization, its “Renossaince”. The City of West Palm Beach purchased BE ART, their first large-scale purchase in over two decades. The City of Arlington purchased DREAM, installed at the Dream Park near the Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium. Words have been displayed at the Sundance Film Festival, the Life is Beautiful festival, the TED Conference, and more. The Venetian in Las Vegas purchased a LOVE, proudly displayed in their two-story waterfall atrium. LOVE was purchased by the Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa. After the grueling wildfires, images of LOVE in print acted as a touchstone for hope, resilience, and connection.

Schomberg collaborates with artist Laura Kimpton on the Monumental Word Series, he has also worked with artist Hank Willis Thomas to help him create the sculpture All Power To All People.

Schomberg’s creativity softens the rigidity of metal into playful shapes that embrace both nature within ourselves as well as nature around us. Schomberg lives and works in Reno, NV.

Jeff Schomberg Artist Curriculum Vitae

Awards, Grants & Civic Art Installations page9image5797328
  • Six-time grant recipient for the annual Burning Man event
  • Monumental Word sculptures purchased and installed by the cities of West Palm
    Beach, Florida, Arlington, Texas and Reno, Nevada, and at the Paradise Winery
Selected Exhibitions
2019 “LOVE”, Burning Man Installation, Black Rock City, NV 2018 “XO” and “HaHa” Installations, San Jose, CA
“XO”, Burning Man Exhibition at the Renwick Gallery, Washington, DC 2017 “XOXO”, Burning Man Installation, Black Rock City, NV 2016 “BE ART”, Commissioned by the City of West Palm Beach, FL
“MAGIC”, Commissioned for display at Burning Man and permanently installed in Miami, “LOVE”, Commissioned by the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, NV “@EARTH #HOME”, Burning Man Installation, Black Rock City, NV “LOVE”, Commission for BottleRock Music Festival, Napa, CA
Rainbow LOVE, Commissioned by the Grand Hyatt, Union Square, San Francisco, CA “Word”, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Arts, Peekskill, NY “LOVE”, Omar’s, New York, NY
2015 “Myths Words and Fire”, Art Basel, SLS Hotel Activation, Miami Beach, FL "BELIEVE", Purchased by City of Reno, Permanent Installation, Reno, NV
2015 "DREAM", Commission for “Dream Park”, Permanent Installation, Arlington, TX "LOVE", BottleRock Music Festival, Site Installation, Napa, CA
2014 "LOVE", Sonoma County Fair, Site Installation, Sonoma, CA "Pyramid of Flaming LOVE", Burning Man Honorarium, Installation, Black Rock City, NV
2013 "BELIEVE", Burning Man Honorarium, Site Installation, Black Rock City, NV "LOVE", Burning Man Honorarium, Site Installation, Black Rock City, NV 2010 "OINK", Burning Man Honorarium, Site Installation, Black Rock City, NV
2009 "Book of the Raven", Public Installation, Reno, NV 2008 "Book of the Raven", Burning Man Honorarium, Site Installation, Black Rock City, NV 2007 “Burning Words”, NY Studio Gallery, New York, NY
2007 "Flow Miami" Art Fair, Donna Seager Gallery, Miami, FL “Celtic Forest”, Burning Man Grant, Site Installation, Black Rock, NV Installation Forest Ethics Foundation, San Francisco, CA

Watch the trailer from Jeremy Dunn's documentary on the making of DREAM and its journey to Arlington, Texas.

The documentary
'Burning Man - Set The World On Fire'
with the DREAM sculpture featured
has been released and you can see it
right here!

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